About Free Range Films

We have been presenting documentaries on social justice and other progressive topics, followed by facilitated, respectful discussion, in the North Kitsap area since 2012.

Free Range Films Kitsap is a collaboration of the North Kitsap 99% and Ground Zero Center.

Coming Up

Burnt Oranges
3:00 pm

Location:    Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action
16159 Clear Creek Rd, Poulsbo

A film that unravels the long-term repercussions of Argentina’s state terrorism

A personal and artistic portrayal of a country’s struggles to confront its painful past, and a reminder of the global necessity to defend human rights and democratic values, especially relevant now as the U.S. teeters on the brink of renewed military involvement in South America.

Burnt Oranges is an award-winning poetic documentary by Chicago filmmaker Silvia Malagrino that explores the history of political violence in her native Argentina. Malagrino examines the long-term effects and repercussions of Argentina’s 1970s state terrorism through a combination of intimate witness narration, interviews, and re-created footage. The film is a personal and artistic portrayal of a country’s struggles to confront its painful past and a reminder of the ongoing necessity to defend human rights and democratic values.

Join the post-show discussion of the resonances between the past and present crises in Argentina, Venezuela, and other Southern Hemisphere nations.


Trickle Down Town
7:00 pm

Location:    Suquamish United Church of Christ
18732 Division Ave NE, Suquamish

This detailed, intimate documentary about homelessness in Seattle humanizes the victims of the housing crisis, with in-depth interviews of homeless people and visits to local homeless camps, including Camp Second Chance in West Seattle. Also shown are people who are working hard to help their homeless neighbors.

Filmmaker Tomasz Biernacki says, “I have discovered that most people have uneducated, knee-jerk reactions and false beliefs about the homeless. They see the tents, the RVs, the addicted people who have untreated mental and physical health issues, and instead of doing something to help their neighbors, they degrade, cast away, and add insult to injury. I want people to see that there are concrete, simple steps people can take every day to help the situation. It’s going to have to be a grassroots effort.”


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